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David Imonitie
Author, Speaker, &

"Paul Counts & Shreya Banerjee are marketing & media geniuses."

Les Brown
Author & Motivational Speaker

"I have my children being mentored by Shreya and Paul."

Tom Woods
Author & Award-Winning Podcaster

"Honest, brilliant, and full of energy. I'm still amazed at how much I've learned."

The Marketing Counts Founders

Paul Counts & Shreya Banerjee
Shreya Banerjee and Paul Counts are Co-Founders of Marketing Counts, serial entrepreneurs, and advisors to the influencers. Their methods and strategies have generated well over $100 million for their clients, customers, and their businesses. They are teachers at heart who have a passion for helping entrepreneurs and students grasp proven marketing concepts through their Marketing Counts Podcast, Amazon Series, and numerous online courses and training programs.

They have been online entrepreneurs for a combined 30+ years and taught 100,000+ customers globally! Their Marketing Counts curriculum was in over 140 high schools, and they have taught marketing in numerous colleges throughout the country.

Their client list includes a "who's who" of the personal development and influencer world, and their marketing is on display with Fortune 50 companies and Publicly-Traded organizations.

They bring a process-based approach to marketing stemming from Shreya Banerjee's Lean Six Sigma Black Belt experience. Get access to their free online business plan today!

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